Through the use of traditional techniques, Natalia's work adopts the format of icon paintings. Through these, she explores the traces we have been left with from traditions that have prevailed over mainland Europe for centuries and their capacity to continue to exist through time.


The characters that rule these paintings borrow direct inspiration from hagiographies, specifically the ones compiled by Jacobus de Veragine in The Golden Legend and its counterpart, the satirical version Anti-Saints created during the french revolution by Sylvain Maréchal. The work merges the characters from these fables with the constant supply of images we are subjected to daily. Natalia's work blurs the boundaries between divine, secular and earth in order to gesture toward other ways of desiring, feeling, or being in the world, attuned to these paradoxes. The pieces are entitled by proverbs or sayings passed down orally, reflecting on a shared approach to life that has been accepted without comment or revision.


Born in Spain, Natalia graduated from Fine Art Painting at City & Guilds of London Art School in 2017. Asides from her practice, Natalia is the co-director alongside Nina Silverberg of Subsidiary Projects, an artist-led space to promote the work of emerging artists.



A New Artworld, Guts Gallery, July, London, UK

Safe As Milk, Arusha Gallery, July, London, UK

Les Danes Nocturnes, East Contemporary, July,  Entrevaux, France

Interview, It's Nice That, April, Online

Old Friends, New Friends, Collective Ending, March, London, UK

i Am Unsure As To If It Is Still Alive,  Duo show alongside Davinia Ann Robinson, Quench Gallery -  March, Margate, UK

The Artist Oracle, White Crypt Gallery - March, London, UK

Podcast Episode, The Artist Contemporary, March, Online

Back To Back,  Duo show Alongside Ally RosenbergThe Artist Contemporary - February, London, UK

Frozen Time, Annarumma Gallery - February, Naples, Italy



Pending..., San Mei Gallery - December, London, UK

Always Winter, Brooke Benington Gallery - December, London, UK

Rooms- Curator - April, London, UK

Exh 02 - Floorr Exhibition - January, London, UK

Embodied - AucArt - January - London, UK

The Potion Room - Curator - January, London, UK

I Once Dreamt of a Nest at Creekside Studios - Curator -  January, London, UK


Salticidae - Publication Launch -  November - London, UK


Absinthe #3 by Collective Ending - September - London, UK

Artsy x AucArt: Best New Now - September - Online

AucArt Lab Residency, May - June - London, UK

Floorr Magazine, Issue 19 - Artist Interview, April -  London, UK


Summer Always Has Its Flies, Curator, January - London, UK





Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, October -  London, UK

Art Night 2018, The Floor is Lava , Curator, July - London, UK


Rock, Paper, Scissors, Slaughterhaus Print Studio, June - London, UK


YICCA 2018, Hernandez Art Gallery, May - Milan, Italy


9 Artists, curated by Katherine Oliver, April - London, UK


Lynn Painter-Stainers exhibition, March - London, UK